Use a Color as the Inspiration for a Piece of Writing.

The Many Shades of Orange
I had just fallen asleep, when I was woken up by clamours from the street; until a recurrent dream put me back to sleep. Sleep, sleep, beauty bright; dreaming in the joys of night. A magic city full of life begins to sparkle and flashing lights. Choking and smothering, gasping for life; is it the lights or the outcries in the night? ‘Awake, awake, my little girl!’ an angelic whisper in my lug. Half-blind with smoke and heat that was no longer a dream. I rushed to my bedroom window, blinking like an owl in the diversities of light for tears blinded me. For a moment, I could recall nothing but a sense of dread. A raging orange light was dominating the remnants of my house. Then, suddenly, I knew that I was imprisoned, caught hopelessly; I was under a dreadful fire spell. I thought my dread was so great, that it seemed to be part of the darkness that was round me. I found myself as I lay, thinking about my sister and her stories of our jogging along together and chatting about roads, and adventures. I thought I had come to the end of my adventure and a terrible (awful) end, as if for a final spring; I no longer felt limp like a helpless prey.

The moon had long gone down before me, the stars glittered above me; the first light of day had not yet come over the blazing hills behind. `A cliff frowned on my right; to my left: rose grey slopes, dim and shadowy in the late night.
And I gazed out and in the growing light, I saw the deer bounding like blown leaves.  
‘Lord, Lord,’ I began brokenly to pray, ‘forgive me, Lord’ I glanced around; I had forgotten the war.   Tissues boiling and bubbling under my skin, it was when the colours and many shades of orange drew me within.
A faint sighing as the treetops swayed gently in the wind, I began to run, faster than the wind. I run on and on, longing to reach the sunshine on the other side of the forest, but the further I ran, the deeper the forest appeared to be.   And on a sudden breeze, the fire...