Usage of English at the University

Usage of English at the University
  1. Communication in lectures
There should be a good communication between lecturers and students in order to achieve their objectives and English has to be used as the communication medium in the university. Therefore subject knowledge as well as the usage can be developed through the lectures.
  2. Answering in examinations
Students have freedom to answer in exams in English medium or Sinhala medium till Year II. But in Year III & IV, it is compulsory to answer in English medium in every examination in the university. So it will be a great impact for improving writing skills in English.
  3. Assignments
Many assignments with including role plays, presentations, report writing have to be done in every semester by every student. English has to be used as the language of those assignments in most of the time. It may be helpful to build personality and skill development of all round performance with including English language.
  4. Library usage
There are lot of books and news papers which are written in English available in the library. Students have to refer those things in order to update their knowledge continuously. Therefore subject knowledge as well as English language would be improved simultaneously.
  5. Sending   SMS
In modern society, Mobile phone has become an integral part of university student. SMSĀ is a common method of sending short messages between cell phones. Normally, at least about ten sms are sent by one student per day. If English format is used when sending sms, English usage can be significantly increased through Short Message System.
  6. Communicating among students
No one can be stayed in the university and isolated from world. Everyone has to work together as a group. English can be used as much as possible when sharing their ideas with each other. So it will be a good way to improve speaking ability in English.
  7. Watching movies
Normally, university students have a passion...