Associate Level Material

Appendix D

Goal Evaluation Matrix

Choose five of the scenarios in Appendix C and evaluate the goals according to the SMART criteria. Provide support for your evaluation.

|                                 |S                               |M                               |A                               |R                               |T                               |
|Goal setter and goal             |Is the goal specific?           |Is the goal measurable?         |Is the goal attainable?         |Is the goal realistic?         |Is the goal timely?             |
|                                 |Yes                             |Yes                             |No                             |No                             |No                             |
|James:                           |He wants to play linebacker for|He will know if he meets his   |His age, size, lack of         |He has not been actively       |2 years is not enough time to   |
|He hopes to pursue his dream of   |San Diego Chargers             |milestones of gaining 40       |experience, and not willing to |involved in sports, he’s older,|completely learn all the       |
|being a pro football player       |                               |pounds, join a full-contact     |relocate                       |and Geographic location         |fundamentals of pro football   |
|                                 |                               |league, and try out for the     |                               |                               |                               |
|                                 |                               |chargers                       |                               |                               |                               |
|Jie:                             |Yes                             |Yes                             |Yes                             |Yes                             |Yes                             |
|She wants to...

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