Us Stell Case Study

The key problem which U.S steel was facing that one of their most important and major clients Ford was about to leave their company. Notification was seen as the main problem which ford was facing, which eventually restricted ford to perform efficiently and effectively.   Further to this key problems , they also faced problems such as production costs were getting higher , vast time was wasted for processor message , high inventory , errors causes due to staff , management systems was not centralised , processors had individual powers and finally there was a lack of communication systems within the organization   .

In order to resolve these problems, U.S steel started to centralise their management system and established a system which was event-driven. This eventually helped them to minimise the processer message time. They started using order fulfilment and data management software to take care of product specification and individual prices for customers. This was later replaced by i2 technologies which help to track procedures better. Eventually with the help of MIGs , it help them overcome problems of over stocking as well .

To achieve competitive advantage and due to globalization it is very useful for large multinationals to outsource their part of work. I do agree there will be few ethical questions which will arise, but corporations can adapt strategies to tackle this. Employees can be shifted to other departments as well. Countries whom the work is outsourced to will eventually be able to create more jobs and over all standard of living will increase as well.