Us Changes from 1776

The United States went through a lot of changes from 1776 to 1870.   A lot of these changes were very obvious like the size of the country growing. but people’s mind frames also changed drastically during this time. as a result, when key events took place in the U.S., it not only affected the population, but also enfranchisement.
In 1776, a new country was formed.   It wasn’t very big and with a population of about 2.5 million, it wasn’t exactly scary.   Women had few rights and slavery was very much accepted in this new country.   To vote you had to be a white man who owned land.   This would be a point of conflict in the next 94 years because, as time went on, people’s minds became much less narrow and they were more open to the idea of true equality among different genders, religions, and races.
The United States had many major events from 1776 to 1870.   The Louisiana purchase in 1803 expanded their territory. The war of 1812 proved them to be a fully independent nation. The Missouri Compromise in 1820 made slavery prohibited in all of the Louisiana territory except Missouri. The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 immediately freed 50,000 slaves.   Slave states were seceding from the Union from 1860-1870. The Battle of Sumter in 1861 started the Civil War. All of these were major events that took place during this time.   After the Union won the Civil war, slaves were set free.   They were now considered Americans which led to a huge increase in the recorded population of the United States.   While the war was being fought, women played a huge role in keeping things going back at home.   They took over their households and had to get jobs to provide for their families. Inventions like the telephone were being created.   The United States was becoming more and more industrial as time went on.  
These major events in American history had huge effects on the way this country is now.   without them, women may still now have many rights, and slavery may still exist today....