Us/ 101 Week 8 Study Plan

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Appendix C

University Resources: Week Eight Study Plan

How will I approach the content of Week Eight? I will review week eights material prior to start the week.   And try to read as much of the chapter on Monday and Tuesday prior to starting to answer discussion questions and posting on the rest of the week.   I will try to set aside a minimum of two hours each night for study this week’s material.

What will I do before the week begins?
How will I organize my week?
How much time will I set aside for this week's content?

How will I study the content of Week Eight? I will probably make flash cards or summaries for the key concepts in this week’s material.   Since the weather has changed for the better, I have started to work outside which has helped immensely in my concentration.   Partly in fact to the fresh air, and just peacefulness of being outdoors.   My study is environment lately has been outside on the patio.   In 80 degree weather, sunny, with Jimmy Buffett playing in the background with a mai tai.   Perfect study environment!  

How does my learning style fit in here?
What will help me concentrate better?
What will my study environment look like?

How will I remember the content of Week Eight? I seem to always mnemonics for memorizing things.   So it will probably be a big part of my studying.   My learning style I feel fits well here, since there is so many activities to explore in the different Centers available to us on the online campus.   I probably could use review sheets, mind maps to help, but probably will not do that.   I probably will rely on flash cards, reading, summaries and actually getting hands on in the different web pages.