Urgent Care Centers Market Flourishes as Patients Seek Basic Ambulatory Healthcare Solutions

The urgent care centers market is becoming an increasingly bigger part of the global health care system. It is a lucrative business model that is all about convenience for patients. As consumers look for less expensive healthcare options, urgent care centers and walk-in-clinics have been opening with greater frequency in various regions in recent years. Now-a-days, hospital systems also are increasingly expanding their networks into the urgent-care businesses by opening clinics at strategic locations in the world and buying out independent practices too. Moreover, the global urgent care centers market witnesses plenty of funding from private equity people who believe this is a gold rush for the forthcoming years.

Industry Insights into the Urgent Care Centers Market

Urgent care centers (UCCs) treat the most common illnesses and injuries – including cuts, back pain, colds, and ear infections. Such centers also take X-rays and perform simple urine, drug and blood tests on patients. However, UCCs do not provide critical care services and life-threatening surgeries. These centers are mainly considered as ambulatory healthcare centers such as convenient care clinics and emergency departments.

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The urgent care center model is basically designed to provide cost-effective healthcare services and optimum quality to general public across the globe. Propelled by reduction in primary care appointments and frustration over long waits in hospitals and emergency rooms (for non-emergency care), the market has experienced a spurt of growth for urgent care facilities in the past few years. The number of medical facilities has increased from 8,000 to nearly 9,000 and consumers continue to yearn for similar immediate accessible medical care centers in many emerging regions of the world.

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