Upton Sinclair

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      The author, Upton Sinclair, was born into a poor family in Baltimore Maryland on September 20th   1878, the only child of Upton Beall Sinclair who was an unreliable alcoholic father and Priscilla Harden. To escape poverty Sinclair spent most of his childhood with his wealthy grandparents. This gave him insight into how both the rich and the poor lived during this time period, which he claimed is what turned him into a socialist and greatly influenced his novels (Upton Sinclair). When he was five the family packed up and moved to New York in search of a better job for his dad who at the time made a living selling liquor, hats, and men’s clothing. At the same age Sinclair was able to teach himself to read which began his interest in literature. Sinclair was a very shy and thoughtful kid which gave him a great deal of alone time which he spent a lot of reading which cultivated his love for literature (Upton Sinclair Biography),
When he turned 14 years old Sinclair was ready to go to college where he had originally planned to study law and become a lawyer one day so that he could make the money his family never had. He enrolled at New York City College. He graduated in 1897 at age 19 and entered Columbia to pursue his degree in law, but became more interested in politics and literature. Through his years in college he was able to support himself in college by writing several stories for adventure-story magazines. His love for writing became so large that he worte 8,00 words a day while attending college. Not just loving to write Sinclair read everything ever written by William Shakespear in a two-week span which opened his mind to new ideas of writing (Upton Sinclair Biography).

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      Upon graduating from Columbia Sinclair was offered a job by a socialist magazine called Appeal To Reason. He was hired to write on the conditions for stockyard workers.
Armed with a pen and a camera he spent six weeks observing...