Uop Mgt 567 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation

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Imagine that ABC Company, a medium-sized business-to-business manufacturing company in the United States, has hired your team as consultants to help the company develop and implement social initiatives.Your team has decided that the best starting point will be to benchmark practices employed by well-known publicly held organizations and use that information to help ABC company articulate its position regarding corporate social responsibility and ensure its marketing and environmental approaches are consistent with that position.Select and research a well-known publicly held manufacturing organization. Some examples include the following:Procter and GambleJohnson and JohnsonColgate-PalmolivePepsiCoCoca-ColaIdentify the following for the selected organization:The corporate social responsibility (CSR) valuesThe CSR model (economic, philanthropic, social web, integrative) most closely associated with the values The benefits and drawbacks of the organization’s CSR initiativesMarketing values and examples of ethical and unethical means the company could use to influence people through advertising—including ethical and unethical target marketsProduct safety guidelines employed by the companyMarketing methods that promote sustainabilityEnvironmental values and whether they are in the market, regulatory, or sustainability categoryMethods used by the company to protect the environment—including green initiatives, guidelines for green products, and animal treatment guidelinesDetermine which of the four primary models of CSR would be most applicable and beneficial to ABC Company and explain the reasons behind the selection.Write a CSR statement for ABC Company based on the model selected. Provide examples from the team’s research to support your approach.Recommend...