Uop Mgt 557 Final Exam Guide

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1) To most people the words bargaining and negotiation are
A.mutually exclusive
C.not related

2) Whereas distributive bargaining is often characterized by mistrust and suspicion, integrative negotiation is characterized by which of the following?

A.Obligation and perseverance
B.Avoidance and compromise
C.Influence and persuasiveness
D.Trust and openness
E.Cognition and emotion

3) Distributive bargaining strategies
A.are the most efficient negotiating strategies to use
B.are used in all interdependent relationships
C.are useful in maintaining long-term relationships
D.can cause negotiators to ignore what the parties have in common

4) Good distributive bargainers will
A.begin negotiations with the other party with an opening offer close to their own resistance point
B.ensure that there is enough room in the bargaining range to make some concessions
C.accept an offer that is presented as a fait accompli
D.immediately identify the other party’s target poin

5) Which of the following processes is central to achieving almost all integrative agreements?
A.Moderating the free flow of information to ensure that each party’s position is accurately stated
B.Exchanging information about each party’s position on key issues
C.Emphasizing the commonalties between the parties
D.Searching for solutions that maximize the substantive outcome for both parties

6) Which of the following 5-step processes has been used successfully in a collective bargaining situation?
A.Commitment, explanation, validation, prioritization, negotiation
B.Commitment, exploration, verification, prioritization, negotiation
C.Collaboration, explanation, validation, prioritization, negotiation
D.Collaboration, exploration, verification,...