Uop His 115 Week 9 Final Project - Historical Timeline and Essay

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Final Project: Historical Timeline and Essay
· Resources: Appendix A and the Nation of Nations textbook Web site at http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072970871/student_view0/index.html
· Create a timeline that illustrates the significant events that led up to the Civil War.
· Include the following in your timeline:
o Select 10 to 15 events, factors, or changes in society that fueled the conflict between the North and the South. In your timeline, include the following information about the events, factors, or changes:
· The year it occurred
· A name, title, or heading
· A brief description that describes how your selection pulled the North and the South further apart.
· Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word essay explaining your timeline and the significance of historical events.
· Include the following in your essay:
o Select four to six of the events, factors, or changes from your timeline to address in your essay.
· Provide a detailed description of each selection.
· Explain why your selections were significant to the manifestation of the Civil War.
· Explain the relationship among your selections.
· Describe how each selection had a political, social, or economic impact on the country.
· Use the selections from your timeline to demonstrate how historical events shape the future.
· Apply APA formatting to your paper.
· Post your timeline and essay as Microsoftâ Word attachments.