Uop Com 295 Week 3 Knowledge Check

UOP COM 295 Week 3 Knowledge Check

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COM 295 Week 3 Knowledge Check
1. Which page found in short reports provides authorization details and contact information so readers can send in queries?
2. Taro is writing a memo to the marketing department to remind the team about a meeting. What must be included in his memo?
3. What would you include in the bibliography of a report?
4. What is useful to keep in mind when writing a short report?
5. When does a non sequitur occur within a business proposal?
6. Simone is writing a proposal to an investor to request additional funding for her new business. What can she do in the proposal to increase her chances of securing the funding?
7. What is important to keep in mind when evaluating sources for secondary research?
8. What online search involves using operators such as AND, OR, and NOT?
9. Eva is a market research scientist whose latest client is a paint manufacturing company that has operations in many countries. She is required to find out why the sales of blue paint in a particular country are highest during the months of September and October. These are also the months when the country receives the highest rainfall. Upon further investigation, she finds out that the people in this country paint their doors blue as part of a festival celebrated during the two months. In this scenario, what can Eva classify the connection between high sales and rainfall as?
10. What should you keep in mind when organizing information in order to create a persuasive message?
11. What is the process of working from specific evidence toward a general conclusion known as?
12. Adam is the digital media manager for Band Box Inc., which is a paid service for online streaming audio. What is he required to do when advertising on websites?
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