Change is a process by which an object, person or state is altered and it can contain both positive and negative effects depending on the circumstances for those who experience the change. Therefore refects the idea of the change representing improvement, in which this statement could hold truth to an extend through the aboriginal poet Oodgeroo Noonuccal as she expresses the negative changes throughout her poems ‘then and now’ and ‘no more boomerang’ due the hardship experience caused by the white Australian settlement .
The Ooderoo Noonuccal emits those negative form of changes intensely by the use of her unrecoverable experience in which is expressed through the ‘No more boomerang’ and ‘Then and now’ by the use variety of techniques.

As the poem ‘No more boomerang’ is analysed, It displays the significant changes of their cultural in which can directly be seen through the symbolism of ‘boomerang ‘ as it represent aboriginal culture but as it is phrased with the words ‘no more’ therefore,   it emphasis the annihilation of aboriginal culture. Additionally, the composer use repetition of the word ‘no more’ throughout he poem to strappingly emphasis her message.
Furthermore, the decline in culture change can continuously seen though various technique in the poem ‘no more boomerang’ as well as ‘our black princess lost’ poem composed by Paul Buttigieg. These poem have emerge ideas of white society deteriorating the aboriginal culture by their ‘white ways’ in which can be justified through the metaphor ‘For a white man meal’ in the poem ‘no more boomerang’ which emphasis the destruction of their culture by Whiteman’s culture and ‘On a Whiteman’s catwalk’ in the poem ‘Our Black Princess Lost’ metaphorically representing the use of aboriginal as a toy for the Whiteman which therefore led to loss of their culture.