University Should Accept Equal Numbers of Male and Female Students in Every Subject.

Topic: University should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.

Increasing numbers of female have gain equal rights as male over the world. However, there is a debatable topic that university should accept the same proportion of men and women in every discipline. Personally, I totally oppose the proposal.

To begin with, it is impractical to keep the equal numbers of male and female student in every subject. Selecting the major and subject depends on the interest which students really have, not determined by willing of university. Distinct gender shows different taste. Generally, the male students are keener on physics and engineering, while nursing and educational courses are overwhelming more popular with the female. This mean that the situation will not change unless discipline choosing rule alter to quota, whereas, it seems unreasonable. Selection by the interest is a good way to motivate them to pour energy and vigour into courses.

Also, a proper but equal proportion is a significant indicator of employment. The diverse job markets have their own features and requirements, and the needs of job markets usually affect directly which subject students pick, how many students university will accept and what the proportion will be. To say it simple, if the demand of a job market is confined to one or almost one gender, the other gender students are less likely to choose the related subjects. For instance, mining engineering in my university refuse to enrol female students in that mining company do not employ them. The intrinsic discrepancy is responsible for the difference of some careers.

Overall, enrolment of equal numbers of different gender students is unrealistic and unbeneficial for them, without considering interest and employment.