University of Longhorn Band

Around 386 strong, founded in 1900, burnt orange and white western- style jackets with Aztec-striped pants, white cowboy hats, pep rallies, parades, football games.   All around the nation you hear their name.   The Showband of the Southwest…if that doesn’t ring a bell how about the University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Band.  
In this speech I will talk about the basic things that pertain to the Longhorn Band also known as LHB.   This organization has several long standing traditions such as their shows that they perform and several customs they have that have been in existence since it was founded.   Also in order to be in this band you must grow the an audition process, so that will also be mentioned in this speech.  
The Longhorn Band is known for specific shows that they perform during the pre-game show and during their halftime performance.   This is what really gives them the title of Showband of the Southwest.   Some shows that they are really known for are the Script Texas, and Wall-to-Wall Band/Shotgun Texas.   First performed in 1957, "Script Texas" is a traditional halftime show performed every year. The Drum Major leads the band onto the field in a single-file line, spelling "Texas" in script writing playing "The Yellow Rose of Texas."   At the end of "The Yellow Rose of Texas," the band goes straight into "March of the Longhorns" while that is being played the band is finishing spelling out “Texas”.   Once "March of the Longhorns" is over, "Calypso" starts. Once this song is being played it concludes Script Texas, and "Texas Fight" is played while the band marches off of the field. “Wall to Wall Band” is another traditional show performed annually by LHB. The drum line starts in the end zone while the band is off on each of the sidelines curled into spirals. The drum line marches onto the field, playing a cadence while the band usually jumps up and down over on the sides. The spirals are unrolled and the band marches straight down the yard lines. "March...