University and Integrity

Education has never been more important from what the world is demanding for the survival of oneself.   As the world ages, the competition getting fierce, the less wisdom might not live to the fullest, while the wise become the mastermind.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Lao Tzu.
Understanding education as metaphor of fishing is indeed realistic cause for man to last. Education is about to live on by any mean while considering certain guidelines. Thus, the urge for education has created the most common system of it by allocating universities as the institutes of the highest level of education after the primary and secondary school levels.   Locally, there are about 20 public universities operate while 22 of the private competing in the same boat, as to deliver the education.
From what is constituted in University and University College Acts (UUCA), a university is defined as higher education institute which deliver the study at the preparatory, under-graduate, postgraduate or post-doctoral level and includes research and educational development and the commercialization of such research and development. In spite of that, this writing is about to issue how will the end of university product that is students to be someone with their best natural talent to contribute to society in all of the work fields.  
Our antique education system may seem to be exam-oriented. Well, maybe some other scholar cited that it is indeed an exam-oriented education system.   This is by the opinion of going to school for good grade on top of qualification paper, so they will be demanded in the job market.   Yes, the job market is what our students have been brainwashed with.   “Study hard, secure a good job in future” ideology dims in every head of students.
In addition to local education system, our government has carried out the system by National Education Policy which states:
Education in Malaysia is...