Universal Healthcare Coverage

Title of Presentation: Universal Healthcare Coverage
Name of Presenter: Sylvia Todd
My paper will analyze the benefits of providing free healthcare in America. The paper will provide a clear illustration on how we can eliminate some of these deadly illnesses by providing equal healthcare.

I. Introduction: Universal Healthcare is a system that has found success in Canada and several other countries. With a free healthcare system in place, no would be turned down or away because of their inability to pay for services. Some people would say that Universal Healthcare would be effective, because it will help to keep the overall medical cost down. While others believe it to be ineffective, because of the quality of services provided, and tax hikes it will cause tax payers.
A.Thesis: Universal Healthcare would be the most logical solution for our nation to purify our system in caring for the thousands of Americans that can’t afford treatment.

II. The advantages of free healthcare: One significant advantage (perhaps the most important one) of free universal health care is that it could honestly save people's lives. People are constantly dying because of their inability to pay for adequate (or any) health care coverage. Even people who have full-time jobs are often incapable of purchasing health care (as many jobs do not offer coverage). Free health care would eliminate a large part of this problem. ("Pros of free," 1999)
    A. Less sickness
    B. Cut down on contamination of various diseases
    C. Savage lives of terminally ill people
    D. Equal healthcare coverage across the board

III. The disadvantages of free healthcare: Access and availability of health care would be another potential disadvantage to having free universal health care in the United States. Long waiting lists for receiving health care could be a serious problem, and people might simply not be able to get access to the health care they need on a timely basis. (Ireland, 2011)