United States Radio Taxi Services Market Forecast

Bharat Book Bureau provides the report, on “United States Radio Taxi Services Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2021”. This Report to help industry consultants, radio taxi companies and other stakeholders align their market-centric strategies. https://www.bharatbook.com/automotive-market-research-reports-751458/radio-taxi-services-united-states.html

May 18th 2016 Mumbai, India: Bharatbook.com announces a report on “United State Radio Taxi Service Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2021”. These reports to obtain research based businesses decisions and add weight to presentations and marketing material.

The United States radio taxi services market has an organized industry structure. In 1960s, taxi services in the United States started with traditional medallion taxis and gradually transformed into advanced GPS-enabled, air conditioned radio cabs. Since 2009, private taxi operators started providing high end services such as ride-sharing apps and e-hailing apps, which transformed the way taxi service industry operated in the country. Due to high cost involved in procuring medallions and operating taxi services under medallion based taxi model, taxi drivers find it easy and economical to join private radio taxi service providers, thereby increasing the market share of For-Hire Vehicles (FHVs) in the radio taxi fleet of the country. Consequently, the For-Hire (FHVs) radio taxi service provider account for majority share in the overall market on account of reliable and comfortable travel experience offered to commuters along with various other facilities such as online payments, smart phone-app booking, GPS tracking, discounts, vouchers, etc.

According to recently released report, “United States Radio Taxi Services Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2021"", radio taxi services market in the United States is forecast to grow at CAGR of about 6.6%, in value terms, during 2016 -2021. In 2015, For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) operators or the private service providers,...