United States Centric Veiws

United States - Centric Views Comparison
      Comparing two completed tables the results were both tables were more similar in describing Christian Americans.  There were more differences in describing Muslim Arab Americans due to everybody's different personal opinion or over judgment of this group. In one of the tables some descriptors listed in the Muslim Arab Americans category were attributed to both groups category. 
    Both tables have descriptors placed in the Both Groups category, although they do not coincide. Both persons found either group to be family oriented, well educated, to have moderate political values, socially compliant, and have flexible moral values. One of the table’s results is an inclination to describe both groups as being sexist and devout, and use religious content in education.
    Thinking of a description that is a good identifier of Christian Americans it automatically reminded me of religious values carried on in politics. A true example is the Christian political activist Pat Robertson. As I have experienced myself, Christian Americans think they are not sexist, although even they in their subconscious categorize themselves as being sexist by the attitude to the opposed sex and behavioral manner.  
    The fact that Muslim and Arab Americans have strict moral values is obvious in the society and the descriptor which I agree with. I believe that moral values are imperative for them and also became common practice. These communities have rules for modest dress which apply to men and women equally. However, I don't agree with the association of Muslim and Arab Americans with terrorism and with the violence descriptor assigned to them. In my opinion it is an easy way for media, government and other sources to blame or to place responsibility to a specific group of people. Even though Arabs, Muslim and Middle East are connected to violent incidents, generalizations of the culture and religion by all these sources is an act...