L3 HSC Technical Certificate unit worksheet
Unit 302 - Principles of personal development in adult social care settings

1.1.1 Explain what reflective practice is
Reflective practice is when we look back at our performance in an analytical way. The purpose of reflective practice is to see what goals were set and how much our efforts and strategies contributed to achieve the required results.
1.1.2 Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service
Reflective practice is important as by doing this we can continuously monitor our daily strategies and planning if they were good enough to make a positive change in people supported lives.
It tells how good our work style was and also highlight the areas that need improvements.
1.1.3 Explain how standards inform reflective practice in adult social care
There are set standards to maintain whilst working in social care.
Standards such as the essential standards, the code of practice for social care workers tell us how we should be working. We can use them to think about the way we work and measure ourselves against them
1.1.4 Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice
Different support staff have different beliefs and experiences. Their point of views may be different then yours and may not agree with your beliefs. A colleague or a person supported may have a different culture, religion and way of living. This can affect working practise if a strong disagreement takes place.
2.2.1 Explain how people may react and respond to receiving constructive feedback
We are all individuals and the way re precive information is different in each one of us. Some of use always await for a feedback for our work regardless of a positive or negative aspacts included and focus on improving quality of work. However, some of us deal with the situation differently. Constructive feedback can easily be taken as criticism.

2.2.2. Explain the...