Ai/   What is meant by the term duty of care
: Be competent to carry out tasks given.
: By keeping skills & knowledge up to date improves quality of care.
: Know how to address conflicts and dilemmas that may occur.
: Ensure that the individual is not at a disadvantage, and is treated fairly.
: Be aware so that the individual does not get hurt or come to any harm.
: Exercising duty of care is a legal requirement and will be tested in court if needed.

Aii/ How the duty of care affects the work of a social care worker.
: To recognise legal requirements and see that they are followed through.
: To ensure practice is fair, safe and encourages independence and choice.
: Keeping up to date with best practice, and apply it in day to day work.
: To record actions taken and the reasoning behind it.
: Take care of your own health and safety and do the same for others in the work place.
: Be qualified to use the safety equipment provided.

Aiii/ What having a duty of care means for a care giving organisation.
: Having clear recording and reporting procedures are vital.
: To provide a duty of care that’s to a standard that’s required by inspection authorities such as RQIA.
: To have updated training to provide the workers with adequate duty of care.
: When working with other agencies there needs to be agreed procedures and protocols in place.
Aiv/   How   the duty of care contributes to safeguarding individuals.
: To be made aware of safeguarding issues, ensures that all concerned think more about how to safeguard individuals.
: Having clear indications about how to conduct professional relationships make it a safer workplace for those concerned.
: As professionals develop a better understanding of abuse, and are aware of how to recognise and respond to abuse, the less likely it can continue to go unnoticed.
: Giving the individual more information and making sure they know their rights, can help to diminish abuse.
: The procedures and protocols set...