Unit 16
Understanding How to Handle Information In Social Care Settings
1 Understanding requirements for handling information in Social Care Settings
1.1 Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom Of Information Act 2000
1.2 Legal requirements and codes of practise inform us how to store information accuracy, keep it safe, not to keep information longer then needed, only have information that is needed, keeping information secure, sharing information with other people such as Social Services, Gp’s/Nurses, CQC in an agreeded way that does not go against Data Protection, Limit to who can and cannot read information.
2 Understanding good practise in handling information in social care settings
2.1 To keep information up to date, complete, accurate and legible, one must review information on a regular basis and update when needed, use computers to write information so it is clear then store and print. Only have information that is needed.
2.2 To ensure security of information is to follow the data protection act. Have passwords when using computers, To give information only when consent is given/ or on a need to know basis. To follow any other legal and organisational procedures.
2.3 Manual storage would be keeping paper information in files, daily records such as diaries where information is held these would be stored in the office and would only accessed by staff. Information stored on computer if need be will be kepted secure with passwords known to people who only have accesses to that information.
3 Understanding how to support others to handle information
3.1To provide any training such as understanding the Data protection act, to get people to follow company’s own policys and procedures and to make sure they understand the importance of keeping information secure and   to only give information on a need to know basis.
3.2 I would support people to understand and contribute to records by showing people   how to write records, how to store records, explain why we...