Unit Shc51


Unit SHC51-1.1
In my role as a service manager I need to be able to communicate with people using different methods and forms of communication, emphasizing to my staff that good and effective communication is fundamental when working with vulnerable people.
Within my role as Service Manager, I must ensure I communicate effectively with my staff members, people we support and their family members, their friends and advocates, health professional agencies such as GPs, dentist, district nurses, SALT team, psychology team, podiatry, external agencies such as CQC and Kingston and Richmond Social services.
There are various methods of communication which I use on a day to day basis and they will include verbal, non- verbal, written, signs, objects, electronic, touch, and telephone.

To maintain and support effective communication within the care setting I must ensure that I use the correct method of communication for each individual or group. I must consider who I need to communicate with, and if I communicate with people we support, I need to ensure that my communication would promote people‚Äôs we support rights and confidentiality is always maintained.   As a manager I need to emphasize that effective communication builds strong and positive relationship and promotes the well -being of the service users, whom my team support .

Communication within the team is essential to ensuring effective consistent support for the service users, communication is required for every element of my role, communicating with the home team to ensure support is assessed, implemented and reviewed regularly, this can be through giving direction to staff, arranging training, developing written plans, holding team meetings, attending service users reviews, having professional discussions either face to face, through email or written correspondence, conducting staff supervision and staff appraisals, communicating changes to the team ensuring policies and...