Unit F/602/2335

UNIT F/602/2335

In my job role as a Deputy Manager it is vital to have good communication skills to develop, maintain positive relationships and share information with people using our service. It is also essential that I am able to communicate professionally with clients, their families, colleagues and other outside professionals. I use a wide range of several different forms of communication within my job role. Interpersonal skills are the skills that enable me to interact with another person, allowing me to communicate successfully and professionally with them. Good communication skills are vital for working in Health & Social Care as they help to develop positive relationships with our residents, family and friends, so they can understand and meet their needs.   Develop positive relationships with work colleagues and other outside professionals to share relevant information.
In order for me to be able to complete my tasks within my role I have to communicate with other individuals in a way they understand and to maintain a professional relationship. We encounter barriers when communication breaks down which becomes ineffective and these barriers could lead to misinterpreted communication which also leads to confusion. It is extremely important that as a manager I am able to overcome these barriers professionally. One barrier may be that the noise level s are to high e.g televison, ringing phone, outside environment, which could prevent myself from being heard. They way to overcome this is to take the person you are communicating with to a much quieter area to effectively communicate. Another barrier could be due to language. We must ensure we speak slowly and clearly using non jargon speech to allow the person to absorb the correct information.

Certain staff may be afraid to report malpractice as they may fear they could lose their jobs, or their colleague losing their job. Staff could also be bullied and victimized/pressured by the perpetrators, so would...