Unit a Ptlls

Group A Assignment

The Teaching Role and Responsibilities in
Education and Training

Unit 1


The role and responsibility of a trainer/instructor is to impart knowledge to students/cadets in a safe and comfortable environment.

As part of this a risk assessment for whatever lesson you are teaching , must be in place.

As a Sea Cadet Instructor, not only do we have to adhere to sea cadet regulations, but also, governmental regulations as in any
establishment we are in we are also covered by the Health and Safety act 1974.

The act has two relevant sections , that are particular to instructors/teachers and the general public..

It is everyone's right to work in a healthy and safe environment.

It is everyone's priority to make sure that the venue used is safe to be used, and if anyone finds something that may be dangerous to a persons health or safety, it must be reported to the instructor/teacher so that an appropriate action can be taken.

No matter where you are teaching you must also give a safety brief on Fire and Emergency procedures.

You would also tell the student where equipment and facilities they may need are stored or located.

Beverley Jenkins   Group A Assignment

The other relevant Health and safety act is Health and Safety(First Aid) Regulations 1981.

This requires trainers/employers to provide among other things appropriate First Aid Equipment and facilities.
By doing a Risk Assessment, I would ensure that adequate cover for my students is in place and that students were briefed accordingly.

This only applies to workplaces with less than five employees.

The Data Protection Act also applies as I will have to gather personal information each of my students , and these will be recorded, I have under the act to make sure that the information is kept safe and secure at all times.

The Environmental Act may also come into force as during First Aid instruction , I will use cleaning wipes on the resuscitation...