Unit 9

Assignment 9 s133288

In our school we follow the Golden Rules, these are:
Do be gentle
Do be honest
Do look after property
Do work hard
Do be fair
Do listen
We feel that it is important to make learning fun for everyone but we also follow certain learning rules, these are:
I always do what an adult asks me to do.
I listen so I can learn
I get it right so my friends can learn too.
I talk it out to sort it out.
We aim to help each child feel secure and happy in order to develop their full potential
To ensure that interactions between children and adults are fair and that adults provide a good example for the children.
To show children that wrongs, injustices or differences can be sorted out by reasonable means We talk it out to sort it out.
To provide class activities that support positive attitudes and behaviour.
Everyone involved in school life has responsibilities.
Children need to know that they are responsible for the way that they behave and they should keep to the Golden Rules and behave in accordance with our Learning Behaviours. They should understand that if they choose not to there will be a consequence.
Staff will endeavour to:
Understand each child’s individual needs.
Encourage Children to do their best at all times
Be consistent and fair
Work in partnership with parents to ensure their child’s wellbeing and progress.
Parents have a responsibility to:
Ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time.
Ensure that their child has sufficient sleep, so that they come to school ready to learn.
Let the school if they have any concerns that may affect their child’s behaviour.
Understand and support the school’s expectations for their child’s behaviour and learning.
Working within this framework or rights and responsibilities we hope that it will help children to develop:
Respect for others
Fairness and honesty
High self esteem
We appreciate that all children thrive in an...