Unit 8 - P1

Biological Perspective
The biological perspective in psychology it focuses on the main principles of biological and physical causes of human behaviour.   However it is also known as physiological psychology.   The physiological part of this approach is that it focuses on the nerves and also and neurotransmitters, brain circuits and basic biological processes, particularly maturation.   However the biological part of this approach is mostly the behaviour and how deeply rooted in processes of natural selection. The behavioural characteristics that are adaptive are passed on through generations though selective breeding. People who use this approach say that if you know what natural selective design is then you would also understand the human behaviour. The biological psychologists only focus on sensation and also perception and also motivation behaviour, learning, sleep, memory, emotion and also biological rhythms and reasoning and decision-making.
Biological psychological   investigate the different parts of the brain such as left and right movements, language and emotion are all influenced by different parts of the brain. Therefore when an individual brain is damaged or temporally impaired by drugs then a person’s mental ability would affect them. Biological psychologists are also interested in physiological processes particularly in neurotransmitters and mental state.Serotonin and dopamine are two neurotransmitters have a strong influence on human behaviour.
For my case study am going to studies and explain the following people Megan behaviour and Elizabeth’s behaviour am going to compare and talk about how their hormones can affect their behaviour.
Megan is a teenager who lives at home with her family but frequently stays in the hospital. Megan is a very rude teenager and makes fun out of all the other children. Megan may behave like this has she may feel really upset about herself in the inside and also looks up to rude people. Therefore she respects the...