Unit 8 Child Protection and Safe Guarding

Unit 8: Child protection and safeguarding

The children's act 1989 mentions looking out for incidents which may have occurred outside of nursery under the families care.It also me that the local authorities have a duty to investigate any cases. The children's act 2004 mentions that the different authorities e.g. police etc need to work closer using the shared data base. The education act mentions the local education / governing bodies to work closer working together to safeguard children . 2013 say about the guidelines and framework of safeguarding.
1.2- legal requirement and guidance has an impact on my role at work as a modern apprentice, by having to know the policies and procedures of my setting (e.g, whistle blowing policy), safeguarding policies, child protection and safeguarding , confidentially and sharing our concerns about a child's welfare who we are aware of who who may be in our care.
United nations convention explains the children's rights to be safe in the nursery setting and home setting (under the article 19, from 1991). duty of care describes the standards of work and care expected across adults from the workplace. Safe recruitment mentions about making sure that all are able to work in there workplace setting by following out the correct procedures such as a crb or dbs check. EYFS gives guidance and standards on how a child's learning outcomes should be met it also concentrates on how help the children progress with the learning through the different stages of development.

Confidentiality of information should a child musty remain confidential and not to be discussed to anyone other than the appropriate members of staff, all confidential information should be kept in a safe locked cupboard which should be locked unless information is needed by staff. safeguarding is about protecting and prevent abuse to children in and around our care and noticing the differences in a child's behaviour. promoting the welfare of...