Unit 7

(Task 7 Continued) - Explain to your Assessor the following:
Explain the nature & role of the H&S Policy within the organisation

The Health & Safety at Work is the foundations for our organisation, its policies and procedures. Our Policy is a written one as we employ 5 or more staff members.

The Policy is the framework for our SHE procedures and anyone who requires a process will review the management system and obtain the up to date procedure to follow or the correct SHE form to use, e.g DSE or accidents

The Policy is signed by the CEO showing their commitment to ensuring their health, safety and wellbeing is taken seriously within the company. The Policy is displayed on the Health & Safety noticeboard and electronically on the intranet site.

The Policy sets out the objectives and arrangements e.g the Emergency evacuation procedures & First Aiders, each having their specific roles and responsibilities.   Each employee have roles and responsibilities within the Policy to ensure they look after themselves and other employees by reporting anything that appears to be a risk or a hazard

  1. Explain the input – conversion – output model or organisational systems.

This is the effective risk control method within our health & safety management system and this is a method where we are able to demonstrate to our stakeholders that our risks are controlled.

Input – these are the uncontrolled hazards which are supported by the positive health & safety culture within our organisation.
Process – our management system holds the health & safety processes & relevant forms to support managers & supervisors when having to explain or support individuals with health & safety queries, by the employees using the management system, this allows consistency of our processes & procedures including risk assessments, which identify the controlled hazards & the residual risks. This also forms part of our active...