Unit 66. 6.1

Unit 66
Outcome 1
1.1 - Welfare requirements should be made in your setting by the practitioner you do this by promoting and safeguarding the children.   You must take the necessary steps to ensure the children are safeguarded. We must promote good health to all of the children and make sure that we and the children take steps to prevent the spread of infections. Managers should ensure that the staff and children are within ratio and that if a member of staff is needed that it is sorted before the staff and children are not in ratio. By doing this it makes sure that the children will be safe and not in danger as there will be plenty of staff to supervise the children. The environment and all equipment inside and outside must be suitable to cater for all children of different ages and stages. They must also be suitable for children with different needs.
The guidance shows you a way of helping the children it does this by getting you to observe the child to see what they can do. You then you see what age and stage the child is at and then plan for the child using the EYFS to plan for the child to develop in the next step. The EYFS shows you how all areas of learning and development all interconnect with this chart.

It tells you the prime and specific areas such as literacy, mathematics, understanding the world. It then shows you the aspect for the prime areas and the specific areas.