Unit 651

QCF level 5
Unit 651
Linzi Whitmore

Appraise staff performance

      The Care Standards Act 2000 requires all organisations to hold regular supervisions and an annual appraisal. It is an essential part of our organisation’s commitment to improve our quality of service.

  It is a formal occasion at which people’s performance including duties undertaken and capabilities demonstrated is explored and reflected upon. It should result in praise where warranted and challenges and support for improvement as well as identifying any personal development needs.
    Our organisation has a Supervision and Appraisal policy and procedure which all staff are aware of and must read sign the policy. The appraisal procedure is aimed to complete a review of the employee’s performance, their progress, achievements and identifying developmental and personal goals for the coming year. The process will build on all that has been discussed in previous supervisions.

    The requirements of the policy are:

  * That all employees receive regular supervisions and an annual appraisal – I ensure my staff are supervised a minimum of once every three months (duration can increase if necessary) and are appraised once annually.
  * The appraisal is held in a way which ensures the respect, safeguarding and enabling of employees to perform as best as they possibly can, as well as maintaining a healthy work – life balance.
  * If any concerns have been identified, these should be addressed in the employee’s supervision
  * During the appraisal it is important that the employee’s contribution and efforts are recognised and appraised.

  It is my responsibility to arrange a time, date and convenient location for the appraisal with the employee; I complete this in advance, ensuring the employee has sufficient notice of when the appraisal will take place. I also give the employee the standard template of our appraisal for the employee to view the questions, think about...