Unit 650

Assessment Record

This form is used to record details of activities you have carried out in the work place. The examples will then link to your diploma evidence, including promoting Equality and Diversity in your working practice and functional skills English and Mathematics, which is naturally occurring in the workplace. Tick as appropriate:

  I. Observed by assessor       Discussion

  II. Seen by   witness         S       Knowledge Questions

III. Personal Statement       Mathematics

  IV. Feedback       Spelling and Grammar

NB The person who observed you must sign and date the bottom of the sheet.

Candidate Name: Andrew Dodson

|Links to   |Date of Activity:                 |                                                                                                                 |
|           |                                 |EVIDENCE                                                                                                         |
|           |                                 |NB: this sheet is to be used for either full or multiple unit records                                             |
|Units No       |Out       |Outcome No         |                                                                                                                 |
|               |come       |                   |                                                                                                                 |
|650           |3         |4                 |There are many different kinds of leaders and leadership styles.   By recognising the factors that influence my   |
|               |           |                   |style, I am able to gain a better understanding of how and why I can lead my team.   There are two leadership     |
|               |           |                   |models I have concentrated on, Professor John Adair’s ‘Personal Leadership’ Model and Paul Hershey and Kenneth   |
|               |           |                   |Blanchard’s...