Unit 6 Task 4 Explain the Methods Used to Construct Different Types of Foundations

Unit 6 Task 4
Explain the methods used to construct different types of foundations

The three foundations which would be fit for purpose when building commercial and domestic buildings foundation would be Raft, Pad and piled. I have chosen the three because they suit the building and its purposes the best.
This is simply where there is a widely spread concrete sheet that is morphed from the base of foundation all through to the concrete/ground floor slab. This type of foundations is heavily used in locations where the soil is invested with sandy content and the ground is very loose. It has a ground beam which shuts out from the foundation base and is also attached to the ground floor slab to form a network of concrete embedded round the building space. The ground beam are usually from 600mm to 1200mm for low buildings.
This diagram shows that raft foundation is a thick concrete slab that is spread across the building zone, as you can see on image 2 the reinforced steel which covers the whole of the concreted area this acts as a widespread floor to give the foundation that added strength this also adds the different pros that the reinforced steel has such as its durability, it does not require skilled labour and of course its high comprehensive strength. This foundations would suit the style of a domestic property such as a house or a bungalow this is because the small loads on the foundations will be spread safely and economically under the foundation raft itself. 

Pile foundation
Pile Foundation is the priciest of the foundations but many would agree in is the strongest and most efficient. This type of foundation will need specialist engineers to complete the works and maintain them this is a big contribution to why is expensive.   The soil beneath is bored deep down the earth and filled with concrete to be able to support loads of multi-storey building on top this is why I think it would be suitable for a commercial building, commercial...