Unit 543

Unit 543Undertake a research project for Health and social care.
Outcome 1 1-4
Outcome 3 1-6
Outcome 4 1-5

1.1 I have decided to do my research of a real life incident that recently occurred. I will be detailing the risk imposed at the time, discussions that took place with another supervisor and also the Managers, castings’, funding, analysis of funding and also reflecting on the outcome.

The reason I felt this research was important for this was the risk imposed on my client and the falls that had happened because of this.

1.2 Aim
To maintain the safety of my client and after research to purchased the correct equipment for lifting and positioning the client.


  * To form a plan of action.
  * To involve staff the managers and clients advocate in the process
  * To collect research data, prices and thoughts from the staff.
  * To evaluate the pricing’s and look at funds for this.
  * To conclude the route of action.

1.3 Afterwards I discussed the issue with the other supervisor. We both agreed that during bath time there was a great risk of a slip hazard, due to water factor and the deformity in the service user’s feet. The two options we discussed were sources rubber slip mats to be placed outside the bath and the other idea was to turn the bathroom into a wet room and to hoist the service user into a shower chair. We agreed that a hoist should be available to lift the service user in times of slips and falls. We both realised we needed also to consider the ethical considerations of removing some independence from the client compared with maintaining her safety. We discussed the fact that she still walked to the lounge and that this posed little risk, there for could continue, therefore retaining some of her independence and mobility.

I have also researched the benefits of using equipments for poor mobility on http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/pages/mobility-problems-carers.aspx
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