Unit 54

All staff must carry I.D and show when entering an individual’s home to ensure safety. Individual preferences such as allowing staff to let themselves in, should only be allowed if agreed ways of working and safety procedures are met. Key safe may be put in place for safety reasons, such has the service users unable to get up and open the door, or service users that are bed bound. Some service users prefer carers to come through the back door instead of the front door. Service users with key safes, the numbers should a secret and never tell friends of family or any other members of the public. People who need the key safe numbers should be your company office, doctors if coming for a home visit, district nurses, lifeline team, other carers within you company. In one case I have come across a service users not know their key safe number has their kept loosing keys and getting them out of the key safe and losing them has well. Agreement was sent with social services that a new number was put in place and nobody was to tell the service user. In another cases service users have key safes and do not wish anybody knowing the numbers.
While leaving a service users if their wish to have the door locked by key safe, if there have lifeline making sure there are wearing or at hand. Lock the door and try the handle to see if locked, place in key safe, scramble the numbers. One service user I go to refuses the door locking, I document this in the log book.

If I am unable to gain entry then I would ring my supervisor or office staff and inform them of the problem. The office will then attempt to contact the service user by telephone and if this is unsuccessful then a relative of registered key holder will be informed. In some cases it may be necessary to contact the emergency services if there is immediate cause for concern. These are the usual agreed ways of working in my organisation. It will be crucial to record and report any difficulties to the office so this...