Unit 513 - Manage Health and Social Care Practice to Ensure Positive Outcomes for Individuals

1.1 Explain outcome based practice
Outcome based practise developed as a concept from clinical pathways of the 1990’s. A clinical path includes descriptions of key events that, if performed by caregivers as described, are expected to produce the most desirable outcomes for patients with specific conditions or procedures. Under the outcomes based practice approach health care providers are adopting outcomes-based practice methods to achieve desired patient care goals. Outcomes-based practice (sometimes called outcomes management) involves a combination of teamwork, continuous quality improvement, and process and outcome measurement. These collaborative multidisciplinary efforts build on the pathway development work of the 1990s

The July 2010 white paper “transparency in outcomes” signalled a shift in moving towards measuring outcomes rather than the process which   provided measurement framework published in December 2010 NHS ‘Outcomes Framework’. This set out 5 areas for measuring outcomes;
• Prevent people dying prematurely
• Enhancing quality of life for people with long term illness
• Helping people recover from episodes of   ill health or injury
• Ensuring people have a positive experience of care
• Treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm

In 2011 the NHS released the report “developing an outcomes based approach in mental health” to develop an outcome based framework in mental health which has six objectives;
• More people will have good mental health
• More people with mental health problems will recover
• More people with mental health problems will have good physical health
• More people will have a positive experience of care and support
• Fewer people will suffer avoidable harm
• Fewer people will experience stigma and discrimination

Outcome based approaches depend upon the following factors to be successful
• Clear Communication between all agencies involved in the care and...