Unit 504

Unit 504 Develop health and safety and risk management policies procedures and practices in health and social care or children and young people's settings

1.1 The health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the primary piece of legislation and is responsible for enforcing the act and a number of other acts relevant to the working environment.

It also states that all staff should take reasonable care of themselves and others around them and for their safety. Risk assessments have to be done regarding all types of work we do or the equipment we use to see if it’s safe to do so. All our legislation and policies and procedures are kept in folders in the manager’s office so we know where they are at all times and are relevant and up to date. We have health and safety, coshh, riddor, Safeguarding, Manual handling operations. The main Health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the manager are to make sure all staff and residents are safe and away from danger at all times. If something is broken, remove it so nobody will come to any harm , put a label on it saying do not use and inform the manager. We are aware with how to deal with accidents, injuries and emergencies and the reporting of all of these. We know what paperwork to fill in so everything is documented in our records. We have had all relevant training and are all up to date. Moving and handling of individuals is vital it is done in the correct way so harm is not   caused to any parties.

1.2 Policies, procedures and practices in own care setting are put in place to make sure you run your home safely and meeting the standards put in place.

The legislations put together influence our work practices and procedures that are put in place as we need to comply with all the rules and regulations to be able to meet the standards to run the care setting safely. Policies and procedures need to be updated yearly as things do change and the company needs to be aware of the changes so it can be put into...