Unit 502 Promote Professional Development

Unit 502 - Promote professional development

1.1The importance of continually improving my knowledge and working practice is to make sure that I am aware of and work to all the current Health and social care standards, legislations and guidelines for good practice in my work place.   Improving my personal development benefits me, the company I work for, my staff and the service users for who I care for.   It enables me to keep up to date to make sure that the service I offer is relevant and appropriate to care for the service users.   The service users must be confident that they can trust the people that they receive the care from and that they know what they are doing and do it well.   There is ongoing training in the care home which will enhance the quality of their work, make staff happier which can only make for positive outcomes for the care home and the service users and the staff.   As the manager of the care home I am responsible for staff, service users, their families and other visitors etc.   It is important that I am knowledgeable in all areas of management to enable me to manage effectively and within the legislations set out by CQC.   During my professional career as a manager, I will be continuing to develop my professional developments to help me progress and gain as much as I can with the company I work for.
1.2Potential barriers to continuing professional development could be:
Organisational barriers
  * Lack of budget from the organisation – an adequate training budget should be in place and agreed each year to keep up to date with ongoing and new training courses.
  * Lack of supportive staff – staff that are only concerned with earning their wage each month without caring about the knowledge and training to care for service users properly.
  * No time to train – adequate time needs to be set aside for each staff member so that they understand and are confident it what they are learning.
  * No encouragement from management/senior staff –...