Unit 501

Unit 501: Use and Develop Sytems That Promote Communication
1.1 On a daily basis there are a large number of groups and individuals whom I have to communicate with on a regular basis as a nurse within a nursing home. It is crucial for me to be able to communicate with them in an effective manner in order to keep the home running smoothly. These groups and individuals include, general practitioners, community nurses, management, care staff, family and residents within the home. As part of my job role is to communicate effectively with outside professional teams as part of the care for our residents. As a nurse within a nursing home it is important to address the communication needs of our residents in order to support and provide person centred care. In order to meet this I may be required to communicate withother professionals directly involved in their care such as community nurses and general practitioners. I use different forms of communication in order to achieve this, for example, face to face, over the phone or in some cases writing an email or fax. It is important that we use our communication skills in order to help us to communincate within our job role, some of these are to listen, gather information, provide feedback and be able to give feedback, make decisions, clarify the information by summarising and questioning. With these skills I am able to successfully communicate effectively within my job role.
1.2   In order for me to support effective communication within my job role, I use different forms that all require a good level of effective communication skills, this could be in the form of a meeting with other professionals which requires me to place my opinion and point of view across regarding the care of residents being discussed. Also in the form of writing, for example, writing care plans and assessments for other professionals. My written communication must be formal and written