Unit 501

Unit 501 (SHC51)

Outcome 1.1: How do you review the range of individuals and groups in your workplace whose communication needs must be addressed?
In my current role as Deputy manager I communicate with a range of individuals such as: service users, mangers, family members, staff members, and other professionals such as GP’s, district nurses, physiotherapist, and social workers. It is vital that my communication is suitable and fit for purpose, that I use appropriate language to meet each individuals needs and topic discussed, such as when discussing service users health needs with my manager and/or GP’s, district nurses etc, I ensure that my language is suitable and formal as this will ensure that the information given is relevant to the service users needs. When communicating with staff I adapt my communication to meet their communication needs for example during handover, this is formal due to the sensitive nature where personal information is passed on, the information must be relevant so the care staff can provide the appropriate care required to each service users needs and preferences, I also ensure that my communication is fit for purpose and is relevant to the topic being discussed. When I communicate with service users I am mindful to maintain dignity and respect to the individual, I ensure that my communication does not cause distress or offense I adapt my communication either formal or informal depending on the topic.

Outcome 1.2: Explain how you support effective communication within your job role
The importance of having and maintaining effective communication is to promote a positive working relationship between others. I use various communication methods to support communication, I use verbal methods of communication on a daily basis either by one to one such as supervisions/appraisals with staff, handovers where information is passed on regarding service user’s care needs, and via telephone to other professionals and family members in...