Unit 501 Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

Unit 501
SHC 51 Unit 501, Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication

Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in your job role. Most people take for granted the ability to communicate. However the ability to communicate is always provisional and can depend on both the environment and context of a situation, our skills and abilities and the skills and abilities of the person we are trying to communicate with. Speech, language and communication difficulties can erode self-esteem; affect educational achievement, social integration and general behaviour. It is important to address communication difficulties and offer support so that individuals can express themselves effectively. Individuals have the right to communicate using their preferred method. In my job role as manager it is my responsibility to ensure that this is the case, and service user are given the support to do so. Communication is a recognised as an essential human need, and therefore a basic human right. Communication rights are those rights that enable all people everywhere to express themselves individually and collectively by all means of communication in order to improve their lives. Without communication an individual would be unable to exercise their basic human rights. (Human Rights Act 1998.) In my job role as manager for a domiciliary service for children and adults with Autism, I work with a number of service user who experience communication difficulties.

The majority of people with Autism experience some sort of communication difficulties. In these cases it is important not to talk for them but to give them a voice, and to listen to the person carefully, in some cases service users may not be able to communicate verbally using speech and may need to use a different communication system.

Mental health problems can affect children as well as adults. Service user with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder may experience mental...