Unit 501 Qcf

Unit 5.1
When the agreed method of communication is established with the service user, the effectiveness must be evaluated to make sure that it is the correct method for that service user. This will be done by feedback from all parties involved with the care provided, a person’s need can change so it is my role as a manager to monitor the situation and evaluate and act on any changes to provide the best outcome for that individual .As a manager it is important for me to get the feedback from as many sauces as possible i.e. family, advocates, social workers, and any other relevant bodies involved with the service user.
For the above to be effective there has to be an effective system in place to monitor and evaluate information collected. This will be done by team meetings Reviews collection on log sheets, supervisions
Communication methods in the work place may include a number of the below or all of the below.
  1. Staff rotas
  2. Staff non confidential notes
  3. Care plans Confidential records
  4. Hand over’s
  5. Supervisions Reviews with social workers
  6. relevant Bodies involved within the service users care
  7. Family and representatives
  8. Front line staff
  9. Advocates
3.2 compare the effectiveness of different communication systems for partnership working
It is essential to have a good working partnership with effective communication .without this staff can feel very isolated,when working with partners there need to be interaction with all parties without the jargon i.e. text talk , abbreviations as this can be miss understood and we all need to be mindful so that our communication methods promote clarity and understanding. It is also important in the communication process that we include the service users and their carers, as a way of helping the staff to look at things in a new way which will bring diversity and creativity to the process.  
There are a lot of different ways to communicate which we can use...