Unit 501 Promoting a Health and Safety Culture

Unit 2

501 | Promote a positive health and safety culture.

IOSH has defined safety culture as ‘consisting of shared values (what is important) and beliefs (how things work) that interact with an organisation’s structure and control systems to produce behavioural standards (the way we do things round here).’
‘The way we do things round here’ was a common phrase used at sub-contractor level all the way up to director level at ThridWay Interiors Ltd. However, the company’s shared values and beliefs towards safety, did not make this a positive statement. I was brought into the team at Andrew Goddard Associates in April 2015 as junior health & safety consultant to concentrate on influencing client’s safety culture at the construction phase of a project, a task that evolved very quickly into a much bigger beast. It was evident from the outset that to make any head way in influencing health & safety culture in an organisation, I would have to influence at all levels, by the time the project had reached the construction phase, safety culture had already been established from precedence and it was too late to make a difference.
During this report I will demonstrate how I have influenced a company by creating a new health & safety management system that promotes positive health and safety culture; how I have communicated a positive culture by working with key stakeholders in implementing a positive safety culture and maintained that culture by encouraging site and office management to lead by example in safety matters.  
In February 2014, I was honourably discharged from the Royal Marines after six years of service, a journey that had taken me from operational tours of Afghanistan to mountainous warfare training and counter- terrorism packages around the world. As part of my resettlement package, I undertook an intensive course which awarded me with three NEBOSH Qualifications in Occupational Health & Safety,...