Unit 501 Nvq 5health and Safety


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Understand the importance of promoting a positive H&S culture within the organization

3.1 Describe nature & role of a positive H &S culture within the organisation
The nature and role of a positive H & S culture within an organisation I feel is so important. First
of all the organisation has a legal, moral & financial reason. Morally we need to provide a
reasonable standard of care & ethical reasons to reduce accident and ill health rates. Legally
employers have to take reasonable care of workers so a poor health & safety culture can lead to
prosecutions or civil actions .Then there is financially a positive H & S culture providing good
training and supervision can reduce accident rates also improving the rate of production. It is the
responsibility of everyone in the organisation to maintain good health & safety including
Management, Supervisors, Employees and myself as a Health & Safety Advisor. The managers
and supervisors shall guarantee that employees have the correct training and supervision.
Employees are responsible for their own safety and that of others. Then myself as a Health &
Safety Advisor is responsible to keep up to date with any legislations or Regulation updates. In
my current role I conduct regular site inspections checking permits, risk assessments and toolbox
talks. I have produced evidence below of a recent site inspection.
In a positive health & safety culture it is important to be proactive instead of reactive. In being
proactive we can fix any problems hopefully before any accident or incident occurs. This
preventing any downtime within the organisation which in turn can increase productivity helping
with the organisations overall profit.
The company may also loose staff due to poor health & safety culture due to low morale. The
organisation may save money due to no Litigation against the...