Unit 5

Unit 5 Assignment

1.   In your text on pages 206-207, the author discusses his research on the homeless population.   He refers to the many routes one can take to become homeless.   Choose two populations from his list that you might work with in your career as a human services professional.   Describe two possible interventions or tasks that you might be involved with in working with each population.   What are some of the general skills a human services professional might need to work with these population?

Two specific populations of the homeless include; the mentally ill, and alcoholics.   The mentally ill, are those in which have been discharged from mental health institutions whom may have been provided with little to no treatment for their problems and are not capable of caring for themselves (Henslin, 2013, p. 206).   The alcoholic homeless population are those whom are addicted to the consumption of alcohol which interferes with their ability to care for themselves and thrive in life.   In working with a homeless mentally ill person, I may have the task of preforming an intake evaluation on the individual in order the help assess their mental issues in order to help find them the treatment or refer them to other services.   Furthermore, in the assistance of a mentally ill homeless person I may be involved in the task of finding them a shelter, mental facility, or other means of housing to ensure their safety.   In concerns to the alcoholic homeless population, I may also have the task of preforming an intake evaluation.   The intake evaluation would help pinpoint the degree of alcohol dependency the individual suffers from, and help discovery things such as their drinking triggers, or if they have had treatment for their alcohol treatment in the past.   Moreover, I may have the task of finding the person an alcohol treatment program, or temporary housing.

Some of the general skills that may be required by a human services professional in working with...