Unit 5

Understand the teaching role and responsibilities
in education and training (unit 1: 1.1 – 1.4)

There are many roles and responsibilities within the teaching sector and I will be touching on a few of them within this essay
1.1 I believe that there are many responsibilities and roles within the teaching and learning sector.   One of these is to teach our students, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or age they are.   The responsibility that we have as teachers is to help others to learn and to do this we must not discriminate against anyone.
Empathy: As teachers/trainers we should be able to empathise with our students as at some point in the past we have all been through the learning process to get to this stage of teaching/ training.
Structure and consistency: Structure and consistency in the lesson is very important for both the teacher/trainer and the student otherwise the teacher/trainer will never be sure as to what they are delivering to the class and the student will not benefit from the teacher/trainer not knowing what it is they are supposed to be doing.  
Encouragement: As a teacher/trainer I feel it is very important to help the student to have a goal so that they have something to aim for. They as a student could aim to pass the course so that they could either move on to a higher qualification or as most of us would like a higher paid job. Whatever it is that they would like to aim for it is our job and responsibility to encourage this and to help in any way that we can for their target to be met.
Health and Safety: Health and Safety within the classroom and to our students is of high importance due to the things it could lead to i.e. injury to the students/teacher, legal action being taken against you as an individual and the owner of the property or even worse death to the student/students or yourself (extreme but very possible). These are just a few of many things that could happen due to not following health and...