Unit 5 Level Three Health and Social Care

Disability act
The disability discrimination act was started in 1995 but was later updated in 2005 and what it aim is to put an end to discrimination which is aimed at the disabled in any different situations for example not be able to go a certain school because it does not have ramps or a lift within the building which will enable a student from learning where they want to learn or there not being a ramp to get onto the local buses which would stop the disabled in wheel chairs from travailing when they want and will result in them becoming more dependent on other which could lead to a low self-esteem problem and what the disability act does makes it illegal to do things like that without a justified reason. Physical disability is not the only type of disability there are other type which are under the disability discrimination act because mental disability also comes into it but only if the mental illness effect the persons day to day life and it makes them unable to certain important things by themselves without help and also if they once had effecting day to day illness in the past ,heir mental health must be treated with sensitive and thoughtfulness if he or she is identified by needing mental health support. The way that the disability discrimination act covers people is by how much they are affected by their mental or physical disability so for example someone may suffer from depression but they may not be affected by it a great deal so they might not be classes as disabled but if someone is seriously disabled but they do not see themselves has being disabled they severe disability
In a care setting environment some disable patient are being treated less favourably. For example in a care home a career can treat disable person less favourably only I they have a sufficiently justifiable reason for doing so and only if the problem cannot be overcome by making reasonable adjustment. I.e. an employer would be justified in rejecting someone with a severe back...