Unit 4222-311

Some individuals loose skills for everyday life and others have never been taught them. Using different methods to maintain the skills depending on the individual. If it is to keep their home clean using signs with instructions on what needs to be done in each room. If it is help with bathing having someone support them to help them maintain their person hygiene. Giving an individual a walking aid to help them maintain their Independence with mobility.

The reasons why individuals may need support to maintain, develop or regain skills for everyday life:
Physical health
Feeling unwell such as with a fever leads to tiredness and inability to carry on with the usual activities of daily living.

Learning disabilities
An individual with learning disabilities might take longer to learn new everyday skills than other people.

Mental health
An individual with mental health problems might neglect themselves so they do not eat and drink.

Frailty Older
Frail people may not be strong enough to dress themselves or prepare their own meals.

Physical disability
Some physical disabilities prevent individuals going shopping unsupported.

Social isolation
An individual who is lonely is less likely to communicate with others

Maintaining, regaining or developing skills can benefit individuals is many ways. It can give them self worth, and self esteem, give them more opportunity's and help regain their independence.

Working with others to identify skills for everyday life that the individual needs to be supported with will give you a better overall view on their needs. Speaking to family members, friends, colleges, doctors, mental health team, to get everyone input on what they have observe deteriorate.
If a man has become depressed after his wife has died and has little domestic skills he would need to be support in cleaning and washing and have someone teach him basic culinary skills.

Discussing with the individual what the...