Unit 4222-202 Introduction to Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

Unit 4222-202

Introduction to personal development in health, social care

or children’s and young people’s settings


The duties and responsibilities within my own role as a support worker are primarily to enable service users with learning disabilities lead a satisfying and fulfilling life and to assist people to undertake a range of social, recreational and developmental activities as mature adults within the local community. It is important to build and maintain close working relationships with family and friends and relevant agencies.   Assisting individuals with support they require can range from helping with personal care and maintaining high levels of personal hygiene to laundry or cleaning. Confidentiality is kept at all times regarding service users and about the company as a whole except in circumstances where safeguarding is an issue. It is my responsibility to know and comply with all polices, procedures and codes of practice and I keep up to date with these using bettal. It is my responsibility to also keep accurate records as required, which can range from daily reports to finance sheets.   Administrative tasks within the location I work at are also important to enable smooth running of the house. Part of my role is to assist in leisure activities, which can involve activities within the home such as listening to music or watching a film, but also to find any other activities the service user may enjoy such as local groups or visiting attractions. Fire drills are practised which keeps everyone updated and safe in case of a fire enables people to remember what needs to be done in case of a fire. Any incidents or accidents are reported along with any repairs or maintenance, which needs to be done to the property. Attending regular training and supervisions help keep up to date with what is expected of me within my role. Part of my role is to advise, guide and support service users where appropriate with domestic duties, budgeting and...