Unit 401

401 Story board
Unit Aims
• Evaluating health and safety information from external sources of information.
Sources employed by me to keep abreast of changes in the law, codes of practice etc. and of spreading the word of health and safety are various but include Web sites such as the Governments HSE site which contains a wealth of information.
Specific trade journals are another method of keeping abreast of not only the latest news but also the changing attitudes and trends.
I use all of these and other available sources for reference to help in the preparation of   procedures, policies, tool box talks, and safety alerts within our company.

• Communicating relevant health and safety information through an effective system within the organisation.
The company that I am employed by has established effective channels of communication.
My part in this is to contribute to the gathering of statistics, audit procedures, prepare tool box talks and safety alerts and to ensure that the information flowing within the organisation moves freely and is delivered to the right people not only down the chain (operatives on the work shop floor) but also up the chain (higher management)
By attending meetings, preparing and using safety presentations,   alerts, tool box talks, and updating notice boards, I can play my part in getting the message across and focusing   peoples minds on the desired direction the company wishes to take to ensure health and safety goals are achieved.
• Making sure that relevant health and safety information from their organisation is communicated to statutory and local authorities, relevant groups and individuals.
As the ACAD nominated Asbestos manager I am the person responsible for deciding whether or not work on or adjacent to Asbestos clad pipework is ASBE 5 notifiable to the HSE.
In cases that require notification it is part of my work duty to make that notification electronically to the HSE.
Other dealings with the HSE would be when...